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Ladies and gentlemen allow us to introduce you to Rio Blaze.  Rio Blaze is a titan in this industry.  She doesn’t do a lot of mainstream porn.  Oh no.  Instead she works for herself exclusively at her website and keeps all her carnal cash to herself (take note “porn stars”).   She recently began doing interracial so we caught up with her to have a word.  Enjoy.


CB: Today we have the lovely Rio Blaze from  Rio how are you?


Rio: I’m doing great!


CB: We learned of your interracial endeavors. You have a growing fan base in that segment so we wanted to get with you and ask you a couple of questions for and get to know you little better.


Rio: I would love that!

Rio Blaze cuddling black stud

CB: Where are you from?


Rio: Well I was born in Colombia, but I was raised in Florida.


CB: How long have you been in the business?


Rio: Umm like 14 years now.


CB: Wow! How did you get into the business?


Rio: Well I started dancing first and then started a website with my husband while he was in college.


CB: Where did you get the inclination to do so?


Rio: He was jerking off all the time to amateur porn and I was like “why can’t we do that?”. So I asked him to research it and he did.


CB: When you first started did you shoot any of your coworkers from the club where you dance?


Rio: I did! (Laughs) One of my friends from the club, a really hot girl, was my first girl girl on the site.


CB: So did you ever experience sex with a black man before you entered porn?


Rio: No never before porn. I had never even kissed a black man before.


CB: Interesting. So when was your first interracial scene exactly?


Rio:  About a year ago. A guy that I had met in Orlando. Just a college guy. Initially I had him just doing hand jobs and blow jobs but I kept bringing him back. Finally one day I just asked him if we could have sex. I told him I want that black cock inside me can we do it next time you come over and he agreed.


CB:  Were black men something that you had fantasized about? Was it member requests? What got you to the point of finally doing interracial?


Rio: Yes I had been thinking about it for years. Also my husband and I like to role-play and he would always say,”when are you going to be with a black man?”. I have to admit I was a little nervous at first but I kept meeting all of these hot black guys and I was like oh hell yeah I can do this (laughs).


CB: So how did you meet the college guy?


Rio: At the gym. I flirted with him for a while. He finally asked me one day what kind of work I did and I finally told him. He was like that’s cool. I let him know that I was always looking for guys and if he’d be interested.  He didn’t leap at the chance because after all he was in college and he didn’t want his face seen. He did come through and fuck eventually (laughs hysterically).

Rio Blaze Rides Black Cock

CB: Have you had any interracial group scenes or gang bangs?


Rio:  I have! The one black guy I used to fuck all the time I asked him if he had a friend. He one upped me and said he had two friends. It was certainly interesting but it was fun though.


CB: Who was your first name male performer that you worked with?


Rio:  I would say DFW Knight.


CB:  Are there any black males on your bucket list?


Rio:  Jovan Jordan was on there but I fucked him though so he’s off the list (laughs). Lexington Steele I met him many years ago there is one to put on the list.


CB:  For the ladies looking to try black men for the first time what would you suggest?


Rio:  I would tell them to definitely try it. I think black men are so much more sensual and they definitely have good rhythm for the most part. They know how to use their tool. I’ve had men with much smaller dicks hurt me more so don’t let the “they’re too big they’re going to hurt me lie” get in your head either.

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