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Kimberly Kendall Interracial Interview

Kimberly Kendall is an American born porn star with a very exotic look.  Kim’s ethnic make up consists of Armenian, Egyptian, English, Irish, German and Native American.  We don’t know the percentages, but it all adds up to 100% sexy.  We got in touch with KK to get her views on interracial porn.  Enjoy.


CB : Today we welcome the lovely Kimberly Kendall.  Hello!  How are you?


KK :  Hi!  Thank you for having me.


CB : Let’s start with a few background questions to get to know you better.


KK :  Ok.


CB : How long have you been in the adult industry?


KK :  I have been in the adult industry for about two years. However, I haven’t shot consistently the whole time.  I took breaks here and there to travel and pursue other interests as well.  I try to keep my activities broad.


CB : How did you get in the adult industry?


KK :  I was living in Arizona at the time working and going to school.  I was always fascinated by the industry.  I always enjoyed watching porn from a young age.  It was always a fantasy of mine.  I woke up one day and decided I wanted to be in a porn movie.  I networked and made the necessary connections with people in the industry.  I took a trip to California and the rest is history.


CB : Wow.  So what was your favorite porn to watch before you got in the industry?


KK :  I was a big fan of Hungarian porn star Aletta Ocean.  She was one of my favorite performers because she was able to perform very sexy solo scenes.  People don’t realize that’s a very hard thing to do as a female performer.


CB : What was your first interracial scene?


KK :  I’m not absolutely positive it was the “first”, but one of my firsts was an anal scene with L.T.


CB : What was your best/most memorable interracial scene to date?


KK :  I have two favorite interracial scenes I have performed in.  They are pretty close.  One of the scenes was with Jon Jon.  I really enjoyed working with him as we are both very dominant, high energy performers.  It was fun to compete with him on who could be more aggressive and more dominant.  It was a lot of fun and I will always remember that scene.  Another scene that sticks out to me was my scene with Mandingo.  I had always heard stories about him from a young age.  It was always legendary to me of how big his penis really was.  When I finally worked with him I was very excited and very astounded.  I was surprised that I was able to take his penis considering how small I am.


CB : Did you have sex with a black man prior to entering the adult industry?


KK :  Yes I did.  I do not discriminate when it comes to relationships or sex. If I like someone and I like their energy it doesn’t matter about race.


CB : Who are some of your favorite black male performers you have worked with?


KK :  My favorites I have enjoyed working with Jon Jon, Mandingo, Prince Yahshua, Rico Shades, Rob Piper, D Snoop, Lexington Steele and Chris Cock.


CB : What did you find attractive about these black men in particular?


KK :  Great performers, hygiene and personalities.  I like them because they have high energy and a positive attitude on set.



CB : Any black male performers you would like to work with that you may not have yet?


KK :  I haven’t worked with Sean Michaels.  I’m sure I would enjoy working with him.  I also think I would like to work with Shane Diesel, but I would be a little nervous because of his size.  However, I like a challenge. (laughs)


CB : Excellent!  I love that go getter attitude Kimberly. (laughs)


CB : If there was any stereotype that you could address in regard to interracial porn what would that be?


KK :  There are a few different stereotypes surrounding interracial porn.  One of the stereotypes is that black men’s dicks are extremely large.  This is true I believe with most porn stars.  I have met porn stars of all different ethnicities that have large to medium sized cocks.  Another stereotype I come across often is that if you do interracial you will have fewer fans or be booked less.  For me personally, this is something I didn’t find to be true or care about for that matter.  I’m not willing to change my personal beliefs or morals for money.  What I mean by that is I’m not going to stop having sex with someone because of their race due to a “third party”.  I believe doing interracial actually gave me more fans because the black community, as well as other races, definitely picked up on me after I did so.  I feel if I didn’t do IR that I wouldn’t have as many fans as I do, especially black fans. I want to be a porn star that everyone can relate to.


CB : Thank you for coming by.


KK :  Thank you so much for having me.  It was a pleasure.


You can follow Kim via her Twitter and Insta

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