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The Term “Interracial” In Porn

What is interracial porn?  I couldn’t think of a more fitting question for our initial post at IRP 411.  Please ride with me as I attempt to add a bit of clarification to a topic that is anything but clear.

Although in actuality anyone engaged in sex with a person from a race other than their own is considered interracial; in porn it specifically relates to non white women engaged in sex with black men.  We would like to believe that in 2015 it is for the purposes of marketing segmentation ( after all you don’t look for sugar in the meat aisle) more so than it is for modern day segregation.  However, we’re not so sure.  One thing is for sure though; interracial porn is as diverse, literally and figuratively, than any other genre within the porn sphere.

Interracial porn has grown immensely over the years.   Looking at some of the interracial porn from the F.M. Bradley days (look that up youngstas) is like looking into a time warp.  Those guys truly were ground breaking.  It was rare to see scenes of black men and white women interracial sex, which today is quite commonplace.  Even when you did the production quality, and for that matter the girls, were nowhere near on par with its all Caucasian cast counterparts (Seka and Nina Hartley being the exception to the rule).  I also find it ironic how the likes of Billy Dee was considered the “go to black guy” since he was fair skinned.

Fast forward to today and you will see that there are more girls engaged in scenes with black males than ever before.  It also should be noted that several of the AVN Performer Of The Year winners over the last ten to fifteen years had a significant catalog of interracial scenes.  Inari Vachs, Aurora Snow, Lauren Phoenix, Belladonna, Tori Black, Bobbi Starr and Annika Albrite were regulars on the interracial scene circuit during their prime performing years.  I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say that in prior years performers of that caliber would not have been featured in interracial product and if they were it likely would have been on the down side of their career.  The aforementioned speaks directly to the myth of “more IR = less work” that continues to be spewed by some today; facts be damned.  It is also important to note that Sasha Grey, a beacon for porn to mainstream transition, had several mainstream projects with her run on the HBO series Entourage being the most noteworthy.  Sasha Grey had a litany of interracial scenes and they most certainly were not all of the “go to black guy” variety.

Hues of skin aside, there are multiple sub-niches within the main niche.  From the thugishness of Blacks On Blondes to the debonair flair of Blacked and everything in between – there is literally something for every taste.   The point is interracial porn is not monolithic.  It is our moral crusade to make sure that the masses get that point.


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