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Jacky St. James Interracial Directorial Debut

Jacky St. James, award-winning writer and director, came by to share her thoughts on her interracial directorial debut – “My Hotwife’s First Interracial“.  Check out her take after the jump.  Cheers.




What is your take on the interracial genre overall?


It’s really been evolving these past few years. Nowadays, there’s a lot more “pretty IR porn” – shot with blown out lighting and with slower, more sensual sex. I absolutely love this new trend. I’ve never been a fan of IR films involving cuckolds or scenes where racial slurs are used.  I don’t like pornography that is presented in this fashion – even though I do understand, some people might get off to it. It’s great to see more studios branching out and embracing this new trend. 


Given your tenure in the business and success in other genres, what possessed you to do an interracial title?


I’ve been wanting to do one for quite a while! IR sex is not just aesthetically so beautiful to me, but IR fantasies are something I find incredibly sexy and have wanted to explore for a long time. 


The talent you cast.  For each member can you tell us what was the driving factor(s) in their selection?


Cindy Starfall – She’d been on my list of people to work with for a while. She has a great attitude and was very similar to the character I’d written for her in the piece. 


Dahlia Sky – Dahlia is someone I work with a lot and is also a size queen in real life, so naturally pairing her with Shane was the obvious choice.


Nadia Styles – She was another performer that I hadn’t had the opportunity to work with and who I’d always heard such incredible things about.  I loved her look and she gave a fantastic read.


Riley Reid – Who doesn’t want to cast Riley Reid? With one of the best attitudes in the business and a love of performing in a variety of roles and scenes, I cast her because I wanted to spend a few hours on set with her and be in the company of a sweet person. 


Jon Jon – I’d worked with Jon Jon in a scene called How to Train A Hot Wife and he was incredible. It was one of the more uncomfortable scenes (a bar setting) in the movie and he was a champ. He brings a lot of passion and energy behind his sex scenes and he’s an all-around great performer.


Shane Diesel – Shane was a friend of mine for a long time before I got to work with him. For me, getting to work with someone as legendary as him was a dream come true. Shane’s a master at both dialogue and sensuality. He also really “gets” the genre of hot wifing. 


Isiah Maxwell – Selfishly, Isiah is one of the most attractive men in the adult industry. So, for me…it was eye candy! He’s also one of the most easy performers to get along with and the nicest. Isiah was bit of a risk casting in that I’d never seen him work before, but he more than proved his acting chops and his skill.


Sean Michaels – Sean is a strong actor and it helps that he’s easy on the eyes. He’s invested in the story and, like me, values pornography that takes a positive approach to its storytelling. He was a no-brainer. 


The vignettes sound very intriguing.  Are they fictional or is it a classic case of art imitating life?


Fictional. I don’t have a lot of sexual experiences in my personal repertoire, so I talk to people about their fantasies and desires. 


Sexy and passionate were words I heard used to describe this title.  How important were portrayal and theme to you?


Extremely important. Why watch sex that is anything but sexy and passionate? I cast performers that enjoy sex, that know how to have sensual, passionate, connected sex, and that I felt were able to best bring the characters to life.


In the vast sea of interracial titles, what makes My Hotwife’s First Interracial stand out?


It’s alluring, it’s passionate, it’s connected, and there’s purpose to it. 
It’s about four married women exploring the mystique of sex with someone outside of both their marriage and outside of their race. I didn’t focus entirely on the IR aspect, because there’s so much more to people’s desires than simply race. This film is about what brings two people together and what makes their affair so unique.  


Do you expect to do more interracial titles in the future?


Absolutely! It’s all about need at my company! If we need more Jacky St. James directed titles in the IR genre, I’ll happily oblige! This was one movie I’m very proud of.


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