An Anti-Ode To Tube Sites

I can’t believe at this embryonic stage in our existence that we are getting interest.  We got an interesting note from a reader.  We take all correspondence seriously and appreciate it; if for nothing else we respect someone taking time out of their life to write us.  There was something about this particular note that stuck with me.  Allow me to share the note, and the response – in full.  Names were omitted to protect the innocent.



Thank you for your interest.  However, we are interested in the genre making as much money as possible so the content that we love can continue to be produced.  In our opinion, the very nature of tube sites is contrary to that end goal.  Some of our favorite companies, and more importantly performers, have diminished production or left altogether.  Our moral compass will not allow us to contribute to the demise.  We appreciate your compliments on our platform, but we respectfully decline your request.
On Thu, Feb 19, 2015 at 11:39 PM,  wrote:


I like your site, nice job done with Do you have more?

I’m responsible for a big porn tube site and would like to purchase contextual links on your site/blog’s posts if it’s possible.

How much do you charge for a link?

Looking forward to your feedback

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